Distribution Logistics Academy

Logistics involves the movement of goods and services. Amazon, Wayfair, Boeing and GE - all companies with facilities in Cecil Center - specifically seek employee candidates who are trained in distribution, as well as people who are expert problem solvers, who can learn new technology quickly and who have excellent employability skills. Students who sign on for the Distribution Logistics Academy will be preparing for further education, apprenticeships and a wide range of careers.


Careers may include transportation, distribution, manufacturing, information technology, supply chain engineering, customs and trade practices, machine operations, workplace safety, quality control, product receiving and stocking and many others.

Learn from experts and gain real-world, hands-on experience:

  • Ocean freight services
  • Air freight services
  • Land trucking services
  • Warehouse distribution services

Earn the industry certification, Certified Production Technician (CPT) 4.0, established by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.

CPT 4.0 certification consists of content and assessments in safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and product, maintenance awareness and green production.

The program is designed in accordance with NCAC National Standards of Practice.

Students excel in core academic subjects in high schools - even earn college credits - while learning important career-centric skills.