Early College Opportunities

"Early College" is in our school name for good reason. Our campus is co-located with the FSCJ Cecil Center campus. Our students will access college preparatory curriculum through the College Board's Pre-AP and AP curricula. Many of our students will achieve the AP Capstone diploma alongside their standard 24-credit high school diploma. Completion of the AP Capstone program in high schools has been demonstrated to improve students' graduation rates at college. They show up prepared for more rigorous workloads, study skills and project requirements.

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San Jose Cecil students may also dual enroll at FSCJ. This gives them real college experience at 16 and 17 years old. Some of our students will excel in this environment and complete an associate of arts (college) degree at the same time as graduating high school.

Why choose dual enrollment?

  • Saves time: Young people complete their bachelor of arts/science degree in less time because they already have credits toward it or an associate of arts degree that will transfer to the university of choice. Tip: If you have your heart set on an out-of-state university, be sure to ask which types of credits/degrees they accept.
  • Saves money: College courses taken in high school are free of charge for families.
  • Students will explore their interests earlier: Tip: Ask yourself early and often, "Is this something I really want to pursue in an advance degree or a career?"
  • Students develop improved time management skills. This pays off in every area of their lives - whether one thinks about academics, athletics, community service or personal relationships. Tip: Schedule a time with San Jose Cecil's Student Services Team so they can help your child on their "Pathway to Success."