Pathway to Success

The Pathway to Success program is a specific practice implemented at San Jose Schools in its secondary schools, including San Jose Prep, San Jose Cyber Academy and San Jose Early College at Cecil. One might call this pathway the "secret sauce" for empowering our students to become career- and college-ready. It also has been a contributing factor to the 100-percent graduation rate at San Jose Prep, which has been in operation since 2013 in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville.

Students are required to complete Pathways to Success in order to be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Pathway to Success

The Pathway to Success program asks seniors to demonstrate evidence prior to graduation of at least one of these outcomes:

  • College acceptance letter
  • Trade school acceptance letter
  • Enlistment confirmation in one of the Armed Forces
  • Professional service or employment contract

Our educational team begins the discussion about opportunities beyond high school during the freshman course, College and Career Seminar, which was developed by the National Career Academy Coalition. Students next choose from one of our four career academies and/or the Early College program before they start their junior year.

The Student Services department at San Jose Cecil introduces the Pathway to Success requirement to the junior class as a whole and individually during an academic counseling session. By a student's senior year, she/he is regularly conversing with a designated Graduation Coach to decide upon an individualized pathway.

Our educational team understands that post-secondary success is often directly related to the involvement level of parents, guardians and other role models. Our Student Services department engages with family members to give them the information and confidence they need to support their child in taking the leap into present and future opportunities.