Top 5 Benefits of Choosing a Charter School

Posted by: Karen S.   |   April 28, 2021

Parents strive to provide the best opportunities for their children to succeed. School is that place where young people spend much of their time. Every child is different, which is why school choice is so critical. Charter schools offer so many options that can better align with our children’s educational needs. Below we have included five benefits you could expect your child to receive in a charter school setting.

1. Promotion of Inclusion and Community Involvement

One of the main benefits of a charter school is the emphasis we place on inclusion and group involvement to help foster social and educational growth in each child. During a child’s adolescent years, they strive for a sense of belonging. Our structure gives us the ability to help children build the confidence that would otherwise be difficult to build in a traditional school setting. Charter schools also offer many after school events and activities that can help children further pursue additional interests (ex: robotics club) that may not be available in other schools.

2. Real-World Learning

Public schools are extremely rigid in that they have no room to deviate from the approved curriculum. Oftentimes, we find ourselves adapting our curriculum to real-world skills that would otherwise be impossible to teach in a traditional public school. Our goal is to make sure we apply real-world and practical instruction in our topics, assignments, coursework and activities.

3. Small Classrooms

Probably one of the biggest benefits to a charter school’s learning environment is the small classrooms. This gives us the flexibility to provide more personalized attention to each student. It also fosters a more inclusive learning environment.

4. No Red-Tape Education

Though charter schools are publicly funded by state and federal tax dollars, we have more autonomy than a traditional public school. If a charter school notices something is not working pedagogically, their educational team can address the issue and fix it immediately. A traditional public school may have to wait for an entire school year to address something that may not be meeting the needs of their students. Just like real-world learning where students learn to problem solve and adapt to the unexpected, charter schools do the same to make sure our curriculum provides each student with the tools they need to succeed.

5. Customized Curriculum

Charter schools give you the ability to better customize your child’s curriculum or graduation pathway based on their likes and interests, rather than your typical public-school curriculum. There may be a specific track your child wants to pursue that is more science-oriented or arts-oriented – and, at a charter school, your child can pursue that track.

Why Choose San Jose Early College at Cecil?

Customized education is the hallmark of our charter school. Our school provides a unique environment that emphasizes high academic achievement using state-of-the-art technology and innovative but proven educational methods. We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market. In addition, our school offers a personal, safe and caring environment where we strive to meet our students’ needs as individual learners. San Jose Early College at Cecil joins a charter school system that is A-rated by the State of Florida. Visit our other San Jose Schools including San Jose Prep (grades 6-12 in Mandarin), San Jose Primary (gr. K-5 in Mandarin) and San Jose Cyber Academy (K-12 online education). Call for information at (904) 337-4090.